What you'll learn

  • To hear, understand, trust and love your inner voice

  • To identify and eradicate blockages between you and your best life

  • To develop the confidence and presence to make the best decisions

  • To decide a step-by-step process to get you from where you are to where you want to be

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An introduction...


Do you remember when you were driven by passion?

Do you remember when you felt that nothing would get in your way?

Are you ready to feel that way again?

We all have a Genius, a unique talent, a true gift. Many of us discover it early on - we dance, we make things, or we're good at sport or mathematics, or fantastic at bringing groups together. We mend household appliances or invent things. Some people discover their genius later in life, they suddenly find some community, activity or hobby that changes everything. They feel a light go on.

Whatever your gift is you know it - it's the thing you do that makes you feel most fully, authentically and honestly like YOU are being YOU!

So often though, we take our gift - the thing that makes us feel most fully alive - and we put it to one side. We do the sensible thing, follow the expected path, we play it safe.

There's no shame in that. It's how we start our professional and personal journey through life.

The shame comes if we never pick our passion up again. The shame comes if, when that inner voice tells you 'NOW IS YOUR TIME TO START A NEW JOURNEY', we ignore it and keep on living a half-life, keep denying our truth, keep settling for a second-rate version of being alive.


Most of us make decisions early in life that, later, we want to change. We choose a career to please parents or to be ‘sensible’ or ‘safe’. We take a first job to get an income - any income. We settle into a life that’s almost accidental. 

I call this first choice: ‘The First Flowering’.

Then comes the inner voice. 

It tells you that what you have is not enough, not right, not you. It reminds you of things you loved as a child but were told to leave aside. It tells you to be your own boss, not work for someone else. It tells you the hobby you squeeze into weekends could become your life. It reminds you that you always wanted to travel, live differently, be someone unfamiliar. It tells you what stretches ahead is not going to satisfy the deep-down ‘secret’ you. Perhaps it just points out you’ve achieved the dreams you had ten years ago, and it’s time for something new, for a new path.

It points you to your ‘Second Flowering’.

Either you listen to it or you bury it so deep you never hear it again. Burying it means killing part of yourself.

In a world without security or certainty, you can learn to trust and develop your inner voice, your creativity, imagination and confidence. You can also learn the practical skills of turning dreams into reality.

This programme guides you. I validate, encourage and inspire you to trust your inner voice. I offer practical ways to develop yourself and to engage with the outside world as you turn your dream into a new daily life.

‘The Second Flowering' is an individual online mentorship. Each section of the programme focuses attention on what holds you back and how to move forward. Downloads offer you a chance for self-reflection and planning. By the end you will have a clear view of yourself and how to use your mind and body in service of your dreams. You’ll also have a strategy map for moving forward.

You will enter the programme with a small inner voice. You will leave with a plan for transformation.


Ken Robinson writes of three concentric circles of blockage when we want to change:

Personal - inner beliefs and attitudes
Social - friends, family and expectations
Cultural - what 'people like you' are permitted to do.

This programme will help you smash through all three!

Are you ready to live with passion?

What The Course Covers:

1: Introduction - Hearing your inner voice

2: The Big Picture - Stepping back to get an overview of where you are right now.

3: Everyday Creativity - Learning to tap into your daily creative genius.

4. Your Story: is it holding you back or driving you forward?

5: Being Present - 8 Principles to bring you into the present for effective decision-making

6: Digging the Garden & Making The Map: Preparing and delivering your plan of action.


John Britton

For thirty years I’ve travelled the world teaching dancers and actors, directing shows, performing and writing books and articles. The heart of my work is encouraging people - artists or activists, community workers or corporate warriors, trained or untrained - to find and honour their inner voice. I’ve never tried to make people into certain ‘types’ of performers, I help them become who only they can be. What makes us unique is our strength - in every area of life - and I celebrate it. 

Performance was not an obvious choice of career for me. I come from a humble background. I wanted to study Theatre but studied English Literature to please my parents. Then I pursued theatre anyway. I found my own path. I’ve always tried - despite insecurity, self-doubt and occasional waves of ‘imposter syndrome’ - to honour my inner voice. I’ve made new starts many times. I wanted the experience of living elsewhere, so moved with little money and no contacts to live in Australia. Seeing the limitations of life there and knowing I needed time to think more deeply about my work, I became an academic and moved back to UK. Later my inner voice told me that working in a University was not for me, so I returned to being a freelance artist. Now, with the pandemic - and as I get older - there are new paths to discover and follow. 

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